Pragmatic director and supervisor with a heart for healthcare

Health accessible to all and the right care in the right place: that is the mission Angelique Schuitemaker, director of Institute for Positive Health, has set herself. Equal opportunities for everyone is what drives her.

Go faster alone, go further together

In her work as a director and with her experience in health care, she finds it important that facets such as education, policy, research and practice contribute to health and well organised care. Angelique enjoys working in broad regional, public-private, national and academic coalitions. She finds it challenging to work with professionals and stakeholders to make connections and realise innovations. After all, you go faster alone, but you get further together. She noticed this in her roles with final responsibility at Omring and Regional Support Structure ZONH and in her various supervisory positions. And it becomes all the more clear when it comes to putting an idea like Positive Health into practice.

Angelique about Positive Health

Angelique on implementing the relatively new concept of Positive Health:

“Although as an administrator you are tempted to stand on the barricade and lead the movement, we must not forget that under the surface there are already very nice developments going on in the field of care and health. Believe in the power of the undercurrent. Inspire each other. Find connections to accelerate together. And have faith. If a concept like Positive Health is good, it will take root. Then the power of the undercurrent does its work.”

Angelique has broad work experience in and knowledge of the healthcare and welfare sector in which she always connects leadership and content.