The alternative interview

First, fill out the spider web yourself

If you are interested in working with Positive Health, it is important to first discover for yourself what it is about Positive Health that makes the difference.

By first filling out the spider web yourself, you can fathom what is at the heart of the philosophy. It is easy to miss the essence if you skip this step, as without experiencing its impact, you would remain on the outside, looking in. Patients and clients will quickly see whether you yourself have lived through what it is all about.

Step 1 Answer the questions

Go to the ‘my positive health’ website ( and answer the questions. Or for a short version, use the paper printout.

Step 2 Look at the resulting overview of health

Once you have answered the questions, the spider web provides an overview of your health. Reflect on what this means by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Looking at your health overview, what catches your eye?
  • What is important to you, what are your dreams or what drives you?
  • What would you like to change or pay more attention to?
  • What could be the first step?
  • Is there something holding you back?
  • What or who could support or help you?

Step 3 Contemplate on the experience for a moment

How did you experience it? And what would you change if you would use the spider web in your conversations with the people you counsel?

This is what you may discover:

  • Unexpected themes will emerge.
  • Formulating a resolution is not very difficult, but how will you stick with it?
  • From time to time, it is simply important to consider your own situation and how you are doing. This will be to your own benefit and that of your profession.