The alternative interview

Making the time for the alternative interview

If you, as a health care professional, wish to get started with Positive Health, you must realise that you need to take on a coaching role. And that working with Positive Health — in the beginning — will take more time. The extra time will soon pay off, though, because you are working on issues that people themselves find important. As a result, they are more likely to address whatever is getting in the way of their health or happiness. A number of tips to make more room for the alternative interview:

  1. Planning the spider web
    Ask your patients to fill out the spider web (online or digitally) beforehand and bring it with them to your appointment. You can also ask them to fill out the short version during the appointment. Allow half an hour for you to discuss the results.
  2. Not everything needs to be done at once
    If many issues come up during one interview, you can leave certain subjects for future appointments. Not everything has to be done at once.
  3. Reserve a few time slots in your calendar
    As a rule, reserve a few time slots in your calendar, each week, for people with whom you can then discuss the completed spider web.
  4. Implement regular Positive Health surgery hours
    Increasingly often, we see health care providers working with special surgery hours for patients to fill out and discuss the spider web with them; for example, in neighbourhoods where health levels are generally poor, or to be able to counsel people who want to makes changes to their lifestyle because of health problems.